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Price: $300/ 10 carts

Cereal Carts

available cereal carts

cocoapuffs,honey nut cheerios,cinnamon toast crunch,cupcake pebbles,apple jacks,cookies crisp,luckz charms,froot loops,count chocula,trix,cap.n crunch,blueberry pancake crunch,franken berry


Buy Cereal Carts Online. Disposable cartridges are in high demand in both legal and illegal cannabis markets. Allowing East Coasters, Midwesterners, and international smokers the ability to puff freely without drawing the ire of cops or co-workers. But unlike customers in legal markets who can rely on state-mandated licensing and testing regulations to inform their vape purchases, cannabis users in prohibition states must instead accept whatever their dealer is offering.

2 reviews for buy Cereal Carts

  1. louis

    thanks for the carts we do received it.
    hope to do more business with you in future

  2. Adam mitter

    You are a reliable source thanks for sending our order we do receive it safe without any issue

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