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The King of Pen is a very large cigar-shaped pen. This one is made from black hard rubber and polished to a mirror-like shine, but it’s available in different colors of uric or black resin, each with gold and nickel trim options.

available kingpen…..

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Price: $120/ 4 packs



buy kingpen carts online are perfect for vaping marijuana on the go (buy 710 kingpen cartridge). In recent years, vaping has come on strong – especially in the form of cannabis vape cartridges , none other more than the KingPen™ brand. Consumer demand is on the rise while tech advancements seemingly come about all the time. In just a few years, vaping concentrates has gone from a fringe consumption method to the mainstream.

Note not to buy fake  kingpen cartridges

The wide world of vape pens and cartridges are only going to get wider in the years to come . This increasing trend has come along with a high and proportionate demand for vape cartridges capable of maintaining the standard. The KingPen™ similar to Dank Vapes cartridge has an amazing cannabis oil quality and vaping experience. With lab tests showing the cannabis oil contained in the KingPen™ vapes were distilled 5 times, we are listed among the safest and purest vape brands in the market. Here, you can browse a variety of KingPen™ flavors that are ready to vape.

Buy 710KingPen vape online

The  King Pen has been upgraded along with its packaging. There’s a lot of useful details about it on the back of its box now. Although buy kingpen carts online made some changes to their vape cart it still lacks the vaping efficiency of others on the market. I found this prefilled oil cartridge for sale on Keep reading to learn more about why I won’t be buying this prefilled vape cartridge again.

King Pen Has Medium Strength THC oil

The packaging claims its 78% THC, but it feels like that isn’t accurate. I tried a long list of prefilled vape cartridges that are labeled less THC and they felt stronger than this 710 king pen. This cannabis oil is not Iak by no means. Anyone who has a low tolerance will quickly reach a nice high from vaping one to two hits. Those who want a more intense high from their THC oil cartridge will not like the new 710 king pen cartridges.


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